Support Programs

At G.R.O.W. we want our moms transition into independent living to happen with love and support.  Our Aftercare Program will help new mothers retain what they have achieved during their time in the Residential Program and remain focused on their goals. Our support programs are not limited to residents only.

Transition Support

  • Community Supports
  • Community Resources
  • Help finding housing
  • Help finding employment
  • Help with continue education
  • Help with ages and stages


Photo Credit:  J  oanna lynn

Photo Credit: Joanna lynn

Referrals and Documentation Support 

  • Statement of Live Birth Birth Certificate
  • Child Tax Benefit
  • Income Tax
  • Day Care Application
  • Custody & Support documents 
  • Social Assistance (Ontario Works)
  • Health Care (mental health, substance abuse, midwife, doctor)
  • Public Health services
  • Legal Council (legal clinic, court support worker, lawyer)
  • Residential Care programs
  • Shelters
  • Daycare
  • Employment programs

*Ask about G.R.O.W. providing support during your appointments, if required.