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G.R.O.W. rooted in love Maternity Home
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Chief Executive Mother

Bobbi-Jo Moran, C.E.M. (Chief Executive Mother)

Executive Director
Phone: (519) 901-2746

Bobbi-Jo has found that having a trustworthy support system is like finding a good hairstylist, once you have an amazing one, you have no reason to go anywhere else. As a result of her life experiences, she has a passion, love and grace for young moms.

Having been a young mom herself, Bobbi-Jo knows the struggles they face and she thanks the Lord for the support of family and friends that she had. Unfortunately, not all young moms have his kind of support - this is where G.R.O.W. can help.

Bobbi-Jo wants you to know, she has walked this path and you are not walking alone.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

TBA - Program Manager

Program Manager
Phone: (519) 901-2746



Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

TBA - Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator
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TBA - Donations Coordinator

Donations Coordinator
Phone: (519) 901-2746